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I am a 14 year old kid in Ohio that is learning HTML for my future job. I love the computer and I am trying to learn JAVA programming and BASIC with J. Rodd, who owns NOAH. He is my big brother through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of the local YMCA. This is my page that I made using Tripod and I am hoping to create an online neighborhood. Also, I am hoping to promote God in life because our life is falling apart as we know it. I am a big supporter of the E.R.A.C.E. foundation set to stop racial discrimination. This organization was started by my favorite Christian band, dc Talk Please show your support, and Thanks in advance!

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Download a salute to baked beans month that is apt to leave you rolling on the floor laughing.
Visit MGarland's Themes for a great collections of TV theme songs and movie themes.
Click here for the Audio Adrenaline's latest album "Underdog" their hit single "Get Down" which recently won a Dove award for best Christian Rock Single.
Click here for the P.O.D. music video "Southtown"
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I am hoping to create a homepage for my youth group at my church, I will soon get information for that and I will let u know.

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For all of my friends out there from Round Lake Christian Assembly in Lakeville, Ohio: days 'til Round Lake Camp!!
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